Our Annual Reunions

Pat, Cockie and JudithOnawaw alumnae have gathered at Camp Wabanaki for a weekend in June every year since the first reunion in 1994.  Many have now spent more time at this wonderful location in their adult life than they did when they were young(er).

These weekends have turned out to be just as interesting and enjoyable as their early experiences at camp. Rather than detract from the early memories of Onawaw, they have expanded on those memories, have renewed old friendships, created new friendships, and have prolonged the enjoyment of the wonderful Onawaw setting.

Weekends consist of a variety of activities. Some of the more fit do an annual swim around the island.  Those of a more sedentary nature sit in the Muskoka chairs on the dock and cheer them on.  Others make use of the canoes, kayaks and sail boats, and most manage a walk around the island to see the new buildings and docks which Wabanaki has constructed. Many make an annual trip to Pooh Sticks Bridge to throw their sticks into the stream on one side and watch them come out the other (when the beavers haven't blocked up the passage.) Wabanaki also provides a motor boat trip around Lake Vernon to check out Simmie's island and all the new cottages along the shoreline.

CanoeingThe Wabanaki staff provide wonderful meals, and the Onawaw 'girls' provide the musical entertainment.  The Wab crew gets the usual 'Here's to Wab' song along with a skip around the fireplace in thanks for the great attention which they provide to every need.  The day ends with a 'happy hour' on the dock before supper, and a campfire or Robin Hood night complete with Tajer Tales.  The day ends with TBJ and lots of singing in the Lodge. 

Old memories are revisited, and new memories abound.  If you haven't been to one of these weekends, go to the Contact Us page and send us an email. The more, the merrier!