Onawaw-Margaret Govan Endowment Fund

Margaret Govan Onawaw Crest Camp Onawaw Alumnae and the Kitchener-Waterloo YMCA Endowment Foundation have established a named fund within the K-W YMCA Endowment Foundation, the "Onawaw Margaret Govan Fund." The OMG Fund celebrates the memory of Margaret Govan and Camp Onawaw by providing money to assist girls to attend the Kitchener-Waterloo YMCA Camp wabanaki which occupies the site of the former Camp Onawaw.

Net annual earnings generated by the donated fund are used to assist girls who are not able to pay the full camp fee. Where possible and if needed, the girls receive assistance for more than one year so that they may experience the long term camping friendships enjoyed by many Onawaw campers.

The OMG Fund is managed by the K-W YMCA Endowment Foundation and Toronto Dominion Canada Trust. The earnings are administered by the Kitchener-Waterloo YMCA. Your OMG Fund representatives at present are Cathie Hughes, Janet Walker and Libby Dawson.

Please feel free to mail personal or memorial donations at any time. Donations by cheque should be made out to 'K-W YMCA Endowment Foundation' referencing the 'OMG Fund' in the memo line. This is very important to ensure that the funds are credited to the OMG Fund and not to a general fund.

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