Memories of the 2007 Reunion

It is amazing how camp can create such fun and laughter every year, even 40 years (give or take) later..  The 2007 weekend created more than it's share.

On Friday, the weather was cool (some might say cold) and windy; a reminder of why we always made occasional use of the warm clothing we brought to camp. Over night, the temperature dipped into low single digits, and a few were shivering in their summer weight sleeping bags. Personal experience proved that two summer weight sleeping bags, one inside the other, provides enough warmth to avoid chattering teeth. 

Saturday  morning, as the sun was just appearing and the mist was rising above the lake, several Onawaw campers were found sitting in the Muskoka chairs on the dock wearing hoodies and fleece, and clutching coffee mugs  with both hands to keep them warm.  As they sat there waiting for the sun to rise high enough for the rays to provide a little warmth, unbelievably, there were a couple of campers of the vintage variety who arrived for morning dip.  In makes one shiver just to think about it.  A trip up to the lodge to refresh the coffee mug found a group of the young camp staff wondering about the sanity of the old girls.

After breakfast, camp director Dave suggested that people go down to the dock as a visitor had arrived.  Everyone was surprised to find a canoe in the "Duck Pond" with the body of inebriated Esmeralda lying in the bottom surrounded by the source of her alcoholic stupor... empty beer bottles. After 40 years, everyone thought that Esmeralda was dead, but there she was, up to her old tricks.  Imagine the furor if Robin and Scarlet had found her first.

Apparently Esmeralda had come with good intentions.  Surrounding the canoe was a flock of rubber duckies, and on the dock were instructions for people to put money in the can provided and 'rescue' a duck. Each duck had a number 'tattooed' to it's bottom, and was used as a ticket for Esmeralda's draw.  It was later shown that Esmeralda's prizes were of dubious dollar store quality.  Apparently the money for prizes had been spent in the beer store.  But Camp Wabanaki and three or four of the Onawaw campers saved the day by putting some pretty nice prizes on the table.  In the end, everyone got a prize, although those who won Esmeralda's might feel that none at all would have been better. 

Esmeralda's fund raising coupled with sale of a DVD made by Mary Helen Conlin from her long term collection of camp pictures past and present, and a few pictures taken by other people thrown in for good measure added another thousand (more or less) to the OMG fund which is currently at a healthy $34000 and will send two new campers to camp this summer.

Saturday evening's 'Hood Night' was moved from the Shining Glen to the lodge by the 'cool' (read cold) breezes 'wafting' (read howling) over the lake.  Instead of the usual hood night fare, the program featured the writing talents of two campers. Judith McKervel presented a 'newly discovered' Robin Hood tale which expanded on the adventures of the merry men as they camped in the woods. Campers were then treated to a three act play by Cathie Sault Hughes. The play was based on the thoughts and memories of campers which were recorded a few years ago, but those whose stories were represented in the play said they didn't remember expressing it quite the way it was presented, nor did they wear clothing quite like the costumes.  None the less, reviewers declared the play worthy of Second City. Perhaps we can prevail upon the authors to add their creations to the website for all to enjoy. (Stay tuned!)

The rest of the weekend passed with lots of sunshine, lots of singing, and lots of 'newing' and renewing of friendships with some campers who were there for the first time and others who would never miss one of these weekends.. 

Negotiations were completed to have a coffee pot on the dock next year. Negotiations were also completed to extend the weekend to Monday morning for those whose busy retirement schedules allow them to extend their weekends  So, join us on the dock for Monday morning coffee and watch the sunrise. It's guaranteed to be one of those memorable life moments.

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