Memories of the 2006 Reunion

Lake Vernon was at its magical best this year. The weather was absolutely perfect! The turn out was larger than usual, and this resulted in a shortage of Muskoka chairs on the dock. The chair seats never had a chance to cool down! The minute a bum cleared the seat, another sank into place.

We arrived to find a VERY BIG surprise at the waterfront. Wabanaki has installed a giant plastic water park feature which includes two floating trampolines, a 12 foot inflatable tower which is VERY difficult to climb and to which is attached a huge sausage shaped inflatable float. Entertainment for the weekend was watching some of our more fit (and some might say... more foolish) members struggle up the tower, drop down onto the sausage float and then wiggle out to the end... hard to do without falling off. A second brave soul would climb the tower and then jump on to the near end of the sausage. The impact would launch the person at the far end into the air and to a very ungraceful cannon ball splashdown. The participants said it was great fun, but admitted that we might be a teeny bit beyond such vigorous water play. The older... or maybe the saner among us just watched and giggled.

There was great excitement about the fund raiser this year. Its not every day that you get a chance to win a "villa" in France for a week. (Is mixing languages like mixing metaphors?) Thanks to Liz MacCallum's very generous donation of her house in the Aveyron Valley, and thanks to the urging and cajoling by the strong arm of the law (in the person of Judge Pam), tickets sales were amazing and the total added to the OMG fund was unbelievable. Ticket sales raised about $3900, AND AN ANONYMOUS WONDERFUL PERSON OFFERED TO MATCH WHAT WAS RAISED. The spirit of Onawaw is alive and well as was shown by this wonderful display of group generosity.

Lucky winner of the draw was Jennifer Mills... a very popular result. Given that she was our program director for the weekend, and kept us entertained with boat trips, a 100th birthday party for Robin even though Robin was born 102 years ago, (details, details!) and a celebratory fireworks display, everyone agreed that the prize went to a deserving recipient.

Speaking of the OMG fund. This year, the income from the fund was large enough to send TWO girls to camp.After this year's fundraising, we are probably getting close to sending three.

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